Student Prevention & Awareness Programs

Ongoing Opportunities

You can schedule a session specifically for your student group when it's convenient by contacting the Title IX Office or feel free to attend one of these ongoing training and prevention options. 


Sunday, August 19th, 6-7pm, Lipinsky Hall Auditorium, The Hookup

Sunday, August 19th, 7-8pm, Lipinsky Hall Auditorium, The HookUp

Thursday, August 30th, 6-7pm, Brown Hall 217, What is Consent?

Thursday, September 6th, 6-7:30pm, Brown Hall 217, Let's Talk About Sex

Tuesday, September 11th, 6-7:45pm, Brown Hall 217, Become An Engaged Bystander

Thursday, September 13th, 6-7:30pm, Brown Hall 217, Code Red (DFSA, drug faciliated sexual assault).

Tuesday, September 18th, 6-8:30pm Laurel Forum, The Grey Area