For Staff

Staff Sexual Harassment Reporting and Resolution Process

We encourage staff to report acts of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, stalking, domestic violence, and any other gender-based violence. All staff must be educated on how to report, and all supervisors must be trained on how to handle reports that are made.

The steps below outline the reporting and resolution process:

  1. Sexual misconduct occurs between or among staff members.
  2. Notify your supervisor.
  3. The supervisor notifies HR. HR will inform the supervisor of the process and procedures, etc.
  4. HR notifies Title IX. HR serves as Lead Investigator.
  5. Fact finding and initial inquiry begins. Most staff to staff sexual harassment cases will not warrant a concurrent Title IX inquiry.
  6. Facts are determined and a report is written. Supervisor discusses the findings with HR.
  7. Supervisor and HR determine if an informal resolution is possible.
  8. If so, informal resolution is crafted and communicated to staff. If not, a full investigation begins. If the inquiry leads to an investigation, Title IX may need to investigate too, depending on the case.
  9. Results of this process, including either the initial inquiry or the formal investigation, must stop the behavior and prevent it from happening again.

Notifying the Title IX Administrator of an open sexual harassment case through HR Employee Relations allows the Administrator to determine what type of culture the community is engaging in and plan for educational reform as part of the role of the administrator. Secondly, should the initial inquiry lead investigators to more extreme patterns of sexual misconduct that also include guests, visitors, or students, the Title IX Administrator will be required to conduct a concurrent inquiry and investigation.

UNC Asheville Sexual Harassment Policy