Student Prevention & Awareness Programs

Spring 2020 Educational Calendar

You can schedule a session specifically for your student group when it’s convenient by contacting the Title IX Administrator or feel free to attend one of these pre-scheduled training, awareness, and prevention sessions.

Event NameDateTimeLocation and RSVP
Bystander InterventionJanuary 299-10PMCOMPLETED
Consent is Sexy….but what is consent?February 26 9-10PMCOMPLETED
The Gray Area – For female identified studentsMarch 25 9-10PMCANCELLED (CV19)
The Good Man Project – For male identified studentsApril 1 9-10PMCANCELLED (CV19)
Take Back the Night – Student Led Program (Sexual Assault Awareness Month)April 228-9pMILLS PLAZA
The Rape of Recy Taylor – Documentary Viewing with Follow Up DiscussionApril 296-9pHIG 129 | RSVP