Student Prevention & Awareness Programs

Fall 2019 Educational Calendar

You can schedule a session specifically for your student group when it’s convenient by contacting the Title IX Administrator or feel free to attend one of these pre-scheduled training, awareness, and prevention sessions.

Event NameDateTimeLocation and RSVP
Know you IX – TriviaAugust 186-7PMCancelled
Bystander InterventionAugust 219-10PMCompleted
What is your relationship status w/ CoKema and JordanAugust 223-4PMCompleted
Consent is Sexy…but what is Consent?August 283-4PMCompleted
IPV/DV – Healthy Relationships with HelpmateSeptember 42-3:30pCancelled
Sexual Dynamics in the LGB Community with OurVoiceSeptember 119-10PMCompleted
Sexual Dynamics in the Latinx Community with OurvoiceSeptember 189-10PMCompleted
Sexual Dynamics in the AA community with YWCASeptember 259-10PMCancelled
The Gray AreaOctober 29-10PMCompleted
The Good Men ProjectOctober 99-10PMCompleted
Bystander InterventionOctober 169-10PMHIG 226 RSVP
Sex and Alcohol – Code Red with OurvoiceOctober 239-10PMHIG 226 RSVP
Sexual Intimacy – Beyond the PhysicalOctober 309-10PMHIG 128 RSVP
What is consent and how do I know I have it?November 69-10PMHIG 128 RSVP
Bystander InterventionNovember 139-10PMHIG 127 RSVP
The Gray Area – Female Identified OnlyNovember 209-10PMHIG 226 RSVP
IPV/DV with HelpmateNovember 252-3:30PMHIG 127 RSVP
The Good Men Project – Male Identified OnlyDecember 49-10PMHIG 226 RSVP