Students Studying Abroad

Title IX Protections While Abroad

UNC Asheville is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and sexual misconduct whether students are at the University or abroad, and to responding to these issues quickly, fairly and equitably. Study abroad participants are expected to follow UNC Asheville policies as well those of their study abroad programs and host countries. Violations of these policies may result in sanctions both at the University and at your host institution.

Pre-departure Preparation & Prevention

  • Be sure you understand the local customs and culture, especially when it pertains to alcohol and cultural drinking.
  • Be aware of predators targeting student groups or vulnerable people.
  • Find options where medical attention can be received.
  • Professors and other program professional staff should always be careful to avoid behaviors which can be misinterpreted as inappropriate between professor and student.


If you are a victim or if you receive a report, tend to all physical needs immediately. If necessary, seek immediate medical attention, preserve any evidence and document the incident and report to local authorities and UNC Asheville by contacting:

Dr. Jill Moffitt, Title IX Coordinator
Highsmith Union, office 112
Study Abroad Office
University Police
To report an anonymous report

When Returning to Campus You Have The Right To:

  • Have the investigation of your report continued upon your return to campus by the Title IX Office.
  • Have allegations of retaliation investigated in a prompt, impartial, and thorough manner upon your return to campus.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in a disciplinary proceeding before the Sexual Misconduct Hearing Board as outlined in the Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence Policy.
  • File a criminal complaint against assailants and (if they are U.S.‐based) to seek an Order of Protection, with the assistance of the college, if you so choose.
  • Be provided with confidential on‐campus counseling and notified of other available services on and off‐campus.

Additional Resources

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