People With Disabilities

Sexual Violence & Interpersonal Violence of People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are twice as likley as the general population to experience rape and sexual assault (2007 Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report on Crime Against People with Disabilities). 

According to data from the Bureau of Justice (2012) persons with disabilities ages 12 or older had the highest rate of violent victimization among all age groups measured.The rate of violent victimization against males with disabilities was 31.8 per 1,000, compared to 14.1 per 1,000 males without disabilities. For females with disabilities, the rate of violent victimization was 32.8 per 1,000, compared to 11.4 per 1,000 females without disabilities (2012 Bureau of Justice Statistics, Crime Against Persons with Disabilities 2009-2015).

Reporting Options

Sexual violence and interpersonal violence of people with disabilities is often under reported. If you know of someone or if you have a disability and have been a victim of a sexual assault or abuse, help and support is available. The most important thing to know is that it is never the victim’s fault. UNC Asheville does not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals or permit discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. We take the safety and security of all our students, staff, and faculty seriously regardless of ability.

If you need accommodations or assistance in filing a report, such as communication assistance or interpreter services, please contact UNC Asheville Office of Academic Accessibility.

Emergency Assistance

Download the Rocky Shield App. As a UNC Asheville student, the Rocky Shield app is a free mobile safety application provided and maintained by University Police. You can contact University Police with the push of a button from the Rocky Shield. The application will provide UNC Asheville dispatchers with your profile information, internal positioning data (on campus buildings only), and your supplied medical and emergency contact information.

Rocky Shield allows you to:

  • Get Help – Emergency Button
  • Report Suspicious Activity
  • Request safety escorts
  • Set safety checks with “Friend Watch”
  • View the Student Handbook & Emergency Procedures
    • + More

If you need accommodations or assistance in filing a report, such as communication assistance or interpreter services, those services will be provided for you.

To report an incident to the university:

Heather L. Lindkvist
Title IX Coordinator
112 Highsmith Union, CPO 1200
One University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804

Non-confidential Reports

University Police: 828.251.6710

Anonymous Report:

To submit an anonymous report, complete the Anonymous Crime Tip Form.

Confidential Reports

Confidential reports remain between you and the person to whom you report. 

Off Campus Resources

Additional Rights and Resources

Crisis Text Hotline

Buncombe County Social Work Services

Disability Justice

North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA)

The ARC/For People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Sexual Abuse of People with Disabilities (RAINN)